Do you need to sell your house quickly? We are a real estate service that helps people like you sell their house in 10 days or less… by buying it ourselves.

The average house sits on the market for 100 days before it sells. Then the average buyer has to qualify for financing and that process takes a minimum of 30 additional days and even then sometimes the deal falls through and the house goes back on the market again and the process starts over. Meanwhile you continue making payments, paying utility bills, keeping the yard/pool up, making repairs, etc.
So after 4 or more months of payments, utilities, and upkeep your house sells, then you pay commissions and closing costs and many times the buyer wants certain repairs made or a concession on price to cover those repairs.

If you owe back payments or back taxes, all these things eat up your bottom line.Rising Cost graphFrustrated
We can help you get close to what you would get if you went through a real estate agent but you don’t have to wait. You can get your cash now, be on your way, and focus on the more important things in your life.

Call us for a free and confidential phone consultation if you would like to know more. We can sit down and go through the numbers and come up with a fair price. And if we don’t reach an agreement, it didn’t cost you a dime and we will part friends.

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