Many home buyers have contacted us and wanted us to find them a blueprinthouse, renovate it for them, then sell it to them because they liked the quality of the product we deliver. Take a look at our gallery (click here) to see what we can do to a typical foreclosure during renovation.

We can usually find a house for you and rehab it for cheaper than what you could go out on the open market and purchase a similar property for. This is because we use the same color schemes, same carpet, same tile, same fixtures, and same appliances in all our houses. We tell everyone, “If you’ve seen one of our renovated homes, you’ve seen them all. We do the same thing in each house and use the same Remodelmaterials and thus we get very good pricing on materials. We have very good relationships with our subcontractors and use the ones that give us the best pricing as well. We can pass these savings on to you.

If you would like to learn more please use our contact page and send us a message outlining the basic criteria of what size house you are looking for and what price range you can afford (click here). Or just give us a call and talk with us directly.


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