Money DudeINVESTOR/ REHABBER OPPORTUNITIES. The ability to identify a wise real estate investment is certainly a learned skill. A skill that we, at Eagle Equity Group, have spent time and money to hone for the benefit of, not only our own company and our personal investments, but the benefit of our clients as well. We have the knowledge, skills and intuition to spot great investments opportunities in today’s market, and we aren’t afraid to share them. We can’t buy every great deal that comes our way, so when we spot a buying opportunity we are more than happy to share what we have found.

If you are interested in the business of renovating homes, then sign up to get on our buyers list.  When we are booked up with a lot of projects, we will actually pass along our wholesale deals to our buyers list. If you are interested in purchasing a property that you can renovate, then jump on our buyers list (contact us here)


We buy distressed properties, renovate and sell them to retail buyers.  To buy houses, we use our own money and we also borrow money from private individuals.  We have opportunities for you to invest with us and make substantially more interest on your money than it would earn in a bank, savings account, bonds, certificates of deposit, or money markey funds.

The process is simple.  We find an extremely undervalued property we want to, we borrow the funds from you to purchase the property.  At closing, you receive a mortgage on the home along with other important documents.  Next stage is the property renovation.  We fund that with our own money, so you know we have skin in that game too.  Once the renovations are complete (typically 3-6 months depending on teh size of the project), we’ll list and sell the property.  When it’s time for closing, you’ll receive your principle plus interest payment.  It’s just that simple!  The goal is to keep turning that money for you and keep you making substantial profits so you keep coming back to us – building a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Our track record is proven and our business model is sound.  We only buy houses in stable markets where there is large growth potential and great demand.  So if you would like to make more on your money than you are currently earning, we can show you how.  Just contact us for more information.


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